anywhere you go, i will follow...

and no, i am not talking about the gilmore girls (that is their theme song. check it out HERE) what i am talking about is following oh and the world spins madly on aka my blog!
i love blogging and know there are readers out there, i see the counter creep up each day, but i dont know who most of you are. dont be ashamed! so, if you do find it in your heart, i would love it if you would follow my blog or leave comments.
also, blogs can get advertisers (how cool!) and it is all based on comments and followers and how many people visit. so, help a sister out, financial times are tough :)
for real though, thank you for reading the blog. it gives me life to have an outlet where i am totally 100% who God made me to be and i can share the good, the ugly, the petty, and the tender parts of my heart.
and since gilmore girls is about a mother and daughter i cant help but think about and miss my own mom this morning. isnt she the cutest:

i sure think so.


Holly said...

YES, she is the cutest ... and you are a close second. i miss you, friend. we need to catch up sooon. i absolutely WILL follow you ... :)

David said...

Hey, she looks just like my sister!

kasawa said...

My daughter, S. Wainwright, introduced me to your Blog. Love it!