"not only will insecurity cheat us of reaching and then operating consistently at maximum potential, it also will turn our coworkers into threats and trap us into becoming posers. it will chase us to church, where we'll be so distracted by who we know or dont know, where we sit or dont sit, what brand we are or arent wearing, that we probably wont hear three words of the message." -beth moore "so long, insecurity"
a glimpse into my life as a teenager. and a college student. and sometimes as an adult. yuck. yuck. yuck. and for the most part you could say i was chased to my high school cafeteria, the office, friends houses, bars, parks, swimming pools, softball games, young life, the mall, the grocery store, the lake, the beach, and everywhere in between and i was so distracted that not only did i not hear the people around me but also the voice of Jesus in the midst.

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