in about 2 weeks (april 6 to be exact) i start design school! i am so excited, i can hardly sleep at night. and, one major question keeps plaguing me. what kind of bag should i carry? people, i need your help, bc i have not gone to school in a long time and do not know what is cool. last week i told my friends mallory, austin, and beck i was going to carry my mountainsmith and they laughed. so, am open to any and all suggestions, preferably in the lower price range.

my purse is typically the size of canada, so if you see my with my purse on a regular basis you will think this picture is especially fitting and funny.


Melanie McCabe said...

Would your black or print VB bookbag be too old looking? Maybe you need to see what supplies you need to carry to class. What a great problem to have.

amanda said...

Timbuk2, while a bit on the pricey end for broke college types (i.e. me), makes fantastic bags with solid warranties and great customer service.
I've been toting around a Commute Slim for months now and my fiance has a classic Commute and we're both in love with the quality and design.
They run in the $100ish price range, though I got mine on sale for about $70. Site: http://www.timbuk2.com/tb2/products/home

P.S. I'm not paid by Timbuk2, I just love a good product.