deep conversation.

i love deep conversation. it gives life to my soul, in fact there are few things i love more than connecting with a friend over a heart to heart. today my friend LINDSAY (a true heart friend of mine) sent me an article from the new york times about deep conversation and how it actually makes people happier. i think deep conversation can be hard too, and it can hurt, because in so many ways it is being so exposed, and i personally do not like that. there is too much room for people to not like me or think poorly of me (which is something i am working through). but, as i am learning more and more, there is also something freeing in being real and exposing those broken parts of my life to other people. read the article HERE.


a said...

this's Lisbon, Portugal, Bica! do you know? beautiful blog!

Shannon said...

Can I just say that I LOVE your blog? Because I love your blog. I'm friends with Miss Lindsay in Portland and found your site through her FB.
I just have to say that you have impeccable design taste and I think we are musical soul-mates.

keep on posting, i love it.