handwritten notes.

i spent the afternoon writing notes to friends. in college i thought giving cards to people was my love language, because it included both words of affirmation and taking the time to pick out something just for someone else. over the years i have kinda stopped writing notes as much, due to laziness and i want to blame email and facebook, although they probably arent to blame as much as i want them to be. i love to make my own stationery, but there are also so many cute and unique cards out there to buy.

here are some of my favorites i have found from the web:

found at this ETSY SHOP.


isnt KATE SPADE so chic?

find mapnotes HERE.

and, if you are team jacob this one is perfect for you. what a great mix of motorcycles but still pretty. it even comes from OBLATION PAPERS AND PRESS in portland, or.
(sorry about all the twilight references lately. new moon just came out on dvd, so i am hooked again.)

so write a friend, tell them how much they mean to you, and enjoy your evening.

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