yesterday was one of the most fun afternoons of my whole entire life. are you ready? i got to be a stand in for a tv show pilot! in case you arent sure what a stand in is (i did not know until yesterday), it is someone who stands in for the actor while the lighting and cameras are set up for the actual shot.

so you may be wondering which tv star i stood in for. well, this is hilarious, i stood in for a 3rd grade little boy! how funny is that, it makes me laugh just thinking about it. but, they needed someone under 5 foot 1 with brown hair and over the age of 18. i guess i fit that to a tee.

for real though, it was really fun to see what goes into making a tv show. there were so many people running, talking on walkies, moving lights, changing cameras, putting on makeup, touching up hair, and bringing in more food, crafts service is what people kept calling it. i still just call it food.

i know you are all asking yourself what tv show it was for? the show is called midland and is going to be on fox. it stars jon voight (i was about a foot from him for a lot of the day), adrienne palicki (aka tyra from friday night lights), david keith (a HUGE tennessee fan, but i got too nervous to talk to him, although he was in the scene i was a stand in for), and jimmy wolk (look him up. he is very cute!). the story is that this guy (robert, played by jimmy wolk. i was a stand in for a flashback scene for young robert) from midland, tx is a con-man and therefore has 2 different families, but now wants to make his life right. so, the tv show is all about how he changes his life. from everything i saw and heard yesterday it looks like it going to be a pretty good show. somebody told me yesterday that the show airs after american idol ends, so be on the look out.

i didnt know you werent necessarily supposed to take pictures on the set, but here is one i took without anyone seeing me...

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