mix tape.

if people still made mixed tapes, this is what would be on mine:

side a
skinny love- bon iver
alright- darius rucker
little fire- patty griffin
like a wheel- ryan horne
this boy- james morrison
twilight- the weepies
i and love you- the avett brothers
possibility- lykke li
side b
tupelo honey- van morrison
we danced anyway- deana carter
carolina- corey smith
love is letting go of fear- jackopierce
coattails to tennessee-tyler james
flightless bird- iron and wine
the sweetest thing- u2
you remind me of home- ben gibbard

can a mixed tape hold that many songs? or more? i dont even remember.


amy grace said...

stumbled across your blog from Simply Breakfast.
just wanted to point out i see some twilight on that mix tape, and i like it! :)

Mary Stafford said...

The thing is.
I think we're secretly meant to be friends.
Because your tape
Is a close match to

The end.