big news.

my brother and sister-in-law (jay and holly) are having a BABY in october! i am so excited to be an aunt! jay and holly are going to be fabulous parents because they do fun things like...
go to the beach,
and red sox games (because they do live in boston),

and wear pretty necklaces and bowties.
for real, they are going to be the greatest parents. they love Jesus a lot. they love each other a lot. they are wise with their money. they are wise in general and also fun to be around. baby mccabe is lucky to get to call them mom and dad.

not really big news, but a big bag. this is what my supplies for school came in...and i have to take it to class. luckily it has wheels! but, it is pretty funny watching me take it in and out of the car.
of course i had to take a first day of school picture.


kristen said...

mccabe, that bag is as tall as you are!!! you have to take that every day?? at least it means you're doing fun things...can't wait to hear about them!

Karen Andrews said...

Thanks Erin!!
Can't wait for little "POPPY" to be born! : )

David said...

It looks to me like at least one is OCD. She's to his right IN EVERY PHOTO! Seriously, if there were a lot more Jay McCabes, the world would be in far, far better shape.

Congo said...

I adore the gigantic suitcase!