homemade bruschetta.

after watching the movie julie and julia while going to sleep last night i was inspired to make some homemade bruschetta today. it was oh so easy.
here are some simple steps for cooking such a delicious treat...
first, cook the rustic bread in olive oil. i used whole wheat from whole foods.
and while the bread is cooking on low to medium heat cut up the tomatoes. i used both red and yellow. and be sure to nibble on the end of the loaf of bread.
then, add some olive oil and basil to the diced tomatoes. mix it all up and let it sit so the flavors mix. while the tomatoes sat i rubbed a little garlic on the bread and it added some great flavor.
serve it up on the bread.
top with some grated parmesan cheese.
i know it sounds so simple and most people probably know how to make bruschetta already, but it was a first for me. enjoy!

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Alexia said...

thanks for this! i love me some bruschetta. like, violently. i buy it from Trader Joe's.