i love geography. when i was little i would get out encyclopedias from our study shelves and read all about all of the states and cities. i would plan out where i was going to live right down to the neighborhood. and because i love geography i love maps. they can be so personalized. here are some cool ones i have found over the years...

CATSTUDIO has lots of cute products like pillows, kitchen towels (which can be sown and stuffed to make great pillows for a quarter of the price), drinking glasses, and trays. and they even have a great smoky mountains print, with cades cove on it (one of my favorite biking spots from college) and dollywood!

MAPTOTE is another one of my favorites. they are very affordable, which is a plus. they have become my go to birthday gift. read a very funny story, about the tote i gave my friend lindsay (that maptote even commented on) HERE.
THESE ARE THINGS have the perfect modern map to hang on the wall of your office, bedroom, or kitchen. it would be perfect to put little pins in to mark where you have been and where you are dying to go (which for me is france, italy, and greece right now).

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MissAlyssa said...

thanks for sharing... these shops are too cute