villains and heroes.

tonight three of my favorite t.v. shows come on, GLEE, THE HILLS, and THE CITY. (american idol does not have a villain. but, just for the record i believe in lee!) on all of these shows are three of the most infamous villains in pop culture right now.

sue sylvester
known for sporting beastie boy track suits circa 1998, appearing in splits magazine, and having the cheerio uniforms dry cleaned in europe. i know i should love to hate her, but i just hate her.
the hills:
spencer pratt
known for being a master manipulator, making his little sister cry at kristin's bbq, and most recently believing in crystals.
the city:
olivia palermo
known for fighting with erin at elle magazine, wearing fancy clothes, and stabbing whitney in the back.

good thing there are heroes on glee, the hills, and the city to balance out all of the terribleness.

first on glee...
i mean yes, he did steal bake sale money and put pot in the brownies, but it was all because he wants to take care of the daughter he is having with quinn. plus, he is way hot.
mr. shue
yes, he cheated on emma but, he always reminds the glee club that they are a family and dont have to be anything more than who God made them to be. (i made up that God part, but he does say they just have to be themselves.) plus he is super cute, a fantastic dancer, and dresses really great.
kurt and mercedes
they are besties in every sense of the word. kurt threw a slushee in his own face so finn wouldn't have to, and i believe he would do the same for his girl mercedes.
then on to the hills...
ever since her days on laguna beach where she got her white vw jetta for graduation, hooked up with talan at prom, and was lc's bff she has been making us laugh and want to be her best friend. i totally don't believe she spread those rumors about kristin being a druggie, there were lots of people in miami superbowl weekend.
yes, it is sad, but there is only one hero on the finale season of the hills.
and on the city...
kelly cutrone
you may be thinking, isn't whitney (blonde on the left) the hero, it's her show? no, kelly is. she will cry with you when you are having a hard time and at the same time kick you in the a at work. also, she is a dream maker and gets whitney's new clothing line rolling on the right track.

so set your dvr or plop down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy tuesday night television!


CarterC_嘉玲 said...

外表往往與事實本身不符,世人卻容易被表面裝飾所欺騙了 ..................................................

Stephanie Sabbe said...

You are so funny, but I disagree on Lo:) I LOVED her in HS, but when she moved into that house with Audrina and LC, so was SO mean to Audrina, for no reason. Just kind of a "don't think you're going to steal my bf" mean. Remember that episode where they were laying out and they made her cry. So mean. I quit liking her them.

As blog friends I felt I could share that with you:)

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I meant to say "she was SO mean to Audrina" in that second sentence. It's scary what I probably write on people's blogs everyday.