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meet rachel sherb or sherb, as i like to call her. she is one of my favorite people in the world. i have known sherb since she was 16 on the way to frontier ranch and went to webb school of knoxville. then i was lucky enough to have her transfer to the school where i was a young life leader (w-e-s-t west west, b-e-s-t best best) and then she went to auburn where i later went on young life staff and we got to be besties there. rachel is a fiercely faithful friend, loves Jesus in such a real way, and as you can see from her pictures she both beautiful and so much fun. she is the friend that will come over at 2 a.m. when you think you hear someone breaking into your house (which she did for me), loves to watch movies and make cookies on a saturday night, and will go on any and all road trips and bring the best music. rachel has amazing taste in music (which is fitting, since she lives in nashville) and has always kept me up to date on the best indie, folk, and rock tunes. so, here is her summer music playlist. your ears will thank you...

Back in the day, one of the best things about summer was making a mixed CD for all of your friends. These days, I don’t get the fortunate pleasure of burning a CD, creating a fun title for it like “Rach and Meg’s Summer Fun Volume One 4 Life” and decorating the CD with a silver Sharpie. I would do that except my CD burner is broken on my computer and I don’t have enough money to fix it. Secondly, we have IPods and we can just make a playlist. As I prepared for my drive to the beach with my family, which I drove (8 hours) alone because I am all grown up and don’t live anywhere near my family, I created my Summer Playlist. Enjoy!

1. Oh My Stars, Andrew Belle - Belle’s voice will make those lazy afternoons and summer sunsets linger just a little bit longer. Play this song as you are winding down your action packed day and eating your peach cobbler. Belle also lives in Nashville, which is definitely a plus.

2. Airplanes, B.o.B - As you make your way to the local Sonic with the windows rolled down, turn up the volume and sing your heart out. Then look up at the sky, find an airplane, and make that one wish you hope will come true this summer.

3. The Outsiders, Needtobreathe - I recently saw these guys in concert and almost quit my job to follow them. If this song doesn’t want to make you play the banjo, clap your hands, and sing along, not sure what will.

4. Good Life, OneRepublic - I mean, isn’t summer all about the good life? At least for me it is because I am a teacher and I get lots of time off in the summer. If you happen to be at work reading this, go get this song and you will instantly be in a better mood.

5. Wavin’ Flag, K’nann - Somalian native has made himself known to us Americans as his remixed hit has become the anthem for the World Cup. Get yourself pumped up for the big event, which starts this Friday.

6. Your Side Now, Trent Dabbs-This is just a good song. Another Nashvillian, Dabbs is going on a summer tour with Andrew Belle and Andy Davis. Go check it out. It will sure to be a good one. I have played this song on repeat since I bought it.

7. I Was Made for Sunny Days, The Weepies-The Weepies are probably one of my top five favorite bands. If I were able to choose two famous people to be friends with, it would be them. This song is off their new album and it’s free! Their new album isn’t out yet, but it comes out so soon! Now, if only they would go on tour so I know they are actually real people.

8. American Honey, Lady Antebellum-What’s summer without a country song? This song will put your heart at rest, vocal chords in their element, and your heart aching to be the fourth member in their band.

9. Rosalyn, Thad Cockrell- “The way you walk around this town, you think you own the corner on the market of a Broken Heart.” That’s just one of the many good lines in this song. This song will help you get over that bad relationship (even if you weren’t in one) and sing a new tune in your heart. This song makes me wish my name was Rosalyn. His other songs are amazing as well, of his latest album, To Be Loved.

10. The Beat, Ben Rector-This guy is just talented. This song will have you putting a beat on your steering wheel driving to the pool. Definitely play this song real loud where everyone can hear you at the stop light. That’s the way it was meant to be played, in my professional opinion.

11. In My Veins, Andrew Belle-Yes, he is that good that he has made this esteemed playlist twice. This song was on the album that Ten out of Tenn put out for Nashville Flood Relief. Now, it may be little deep for summer (in some eyes), but man, it’s sooo beautiful that you will instantly replay it.

12. You and I, Ingrid Michaelson-This is the song for summer love. It makes you want to stand on the roof and dance. Enough said.

13. Back Home, JJ Heler- I may be a little late getting into her music, but this song resonates deep in my soul. My favorite line is the very first, “Don’t let your eyes get used to darkness, the light is coming soon.” The light is here, enjoy summer, lay your sorrows down, and come back home.

**(Bonus Track!) 14. Things I’ll Never Say, Avril Lavinge-Ok, I couldn’t resist. You may not have played it since you were thirteen, but go re-live it. It will make you smile and it’s an instant summer hit.

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Love you and this post sherby and HEYYY McCABE!!!