prop stylist or set decorator?

lately i have been thinking about being a prop stylist or a set decorator when i graduate from interior design school. i love the idea of creating the world that people live in visually.
there is one prop stylist that does photography that i love named megan guthrie. here is a look at some of her fabulous creations...

and there is a set decorator named lydia marks that i would love to talk to and ask how she got started in her business. she has worked on movies such as sex and the city 1&2 and the devil wears prada, both of which feature really great offices.


Alexia said...

both awesome jobs!

amy grace said...

oh man, i would LOVE to be a set designer!!! i think that would be my dream job. or having my own tv show. or my own tv show...about set design!? love it!