Elementary/Middle School Crushes.

It has come to my attention lately that growing up I for some reason did not have crushes on celebrities or musicians like Tom Cruise or New Kids on the Block like most of my friends, but always had crushes on professional athletes. I would picture myself in the stands of their sporting events cheering and wearing a cute little outfit in their teams colors. At the time I did not know this was not normal and until recently when I shared some of this info with some friends. So who were these athletes? Well here ya go, and, as I look at who these crushes were I must have based my crush on talent, not looks...
Joe Montana- San Francisco 49ers
I even had his poster up in my room, much to mother's dismay. He was wearing a 49ers letter jacket (what the heck), holding a football, standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. The poster hung right next to my dressing table, so as I got ready in elementary and middle school I would to gaze into Joe's beautiful eyes.
Orel Hershiser- Los Angeles Dodgers
One summer at the beach I got an Orel Hershiser baseball card in a loaf of bread. Probably because my brother did not want it. At that moment I decided I loved Orel and wanted to move to Los Angeles. My mom said, "you do not want to live there, Erin. There is too much smog". As a 3rd grader I did not care, I just wanted to cheer on my man. This is the exact baseball card I had...
Tom Glavine- Atlanta Braves
I have absolutely no idea why I liked Tom Glavine, but in middle school I would follow the Braves just to see if he was pitching. Then one day I saw in People magazine that he got married and was extremely disappointed. Look how tender he is swimming with a dolphin.
Bill Elliott- #9 NASCAR Driver (Budweiser Racing Team)
I know this is the classiest of all the crushes. What can I say my dad worked with NASCAR (and still does) and I lived in North Carolina. Honestly, I have no idea why I loved Bill Elliott, but it probably had something to do with the fact that my brother did not like him (he liked Darrell Waltrip). In 3rd grade I even wrote a poem about Bill Elliott. How many smocked dress, big bow in hair, polite little girls could say that?

Now I am proud to say my only athlete crush is the one and only Peyton Manning. Again, talent, not looks. Go Vols.


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