Let's be honest here, I am preppy. I love pearl earrings, monograms, golf shirts with the collar popped, needlepoint, whales and alligators. (In fact, I think there were about 3 years of my life where I wore nothing put pink and green.)Yes, I also love Anthropologie, vintage finds, indie bands, and cowboy boots. Deep down though, when you look past the colored tights, boyfriend jeans, and dangle earrings (a preppy girl never wears dangles, only studs), I am a prep.
There are several pictures of my family growing up where my parents, brother (who is Joseph Logan McCabe III), and myself are wearing any number of articles of clothing monogrammed, smocked, and pleated. And, The Preppy Handbook (see picture above) took up residence on our family bookshelf. Now it lives in my library collection in Dallas. It is one of the greatest books...witty (it is a satire), so true, and informative. Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that there is a new updated version called "True Prep" in the works. I am so excited! And, it is actually a pretty interesting story of how the sequel came about. Read all about it HERE. I am sure Muffy, Chip, Lilly Pulitzer, and L.L. bean are thrilled!

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