R.I.P. Headbands

For the past few years I have pretty much worn a headband everyday. (Usually with something like a flower or a bow perched on top.) I would even be so bold as to say that they have become my trademark. I love the little splash of sass they provide to your hair and they keep your hair out of your face, see so practical. Backtrack to about 2 months ago when I got my haircut. Short. Too short. The headbands had to go because well, they looked awful. Now that my hair has grown to a more acceptable length I have tried wearing headbands again. And, each time I wear them I get a terrible headache, no matter how loose the headband is. See, I used to get migraines about 5 times a week, but then I got a mouthguard to wear at night so I didn't grind my teeth and the migraines completely went away. These are not migraines creeping back into my life, these are something is tight around my head and it's killing me headaches. So, I am officially retiring from headbands. Well, until Gossip Girl comes back on again, because once I see how cute Blair Waldorf looks in them I will probably try again. Maybe someone needs to remind me around September.
I have had some good times and been some good places in headbands...
With Alisa and Jen at Sean's wedding
Lindsay's wedding
In Boston with my mom visiting my brother and sister in law
Visiting the house from Twilight (I know I should be embarrassed )
Young Life Leader Retreat, Denim and Denim night, with Mallory and Alessandra
*So if you want some headbands, let me know, I have a few.


April said...

My hubby loves it when I wear headbands or ribbons in my hair! I love ones with flowers on them, too :)

Stephanie Sabbe said...

where is the twilight house?

Melanie McCabe said...

I can't give mine up. Love it too much.

Becca said...

say it isn't so, erin. and don't be ashamed of the twilight pic.

McCabe said...

stephanie, the twilight house is outside portland (where my friend lindsay lives, i didnt make a trip there just for that) in st. helens. it was awesome! we saw bellas house, the alleyway where edward saves her, the restaurant where bella and edward eat, the movie theater, and the bookstore. then, in portland we went into the school cafeteria! it was so fun!

Anonymous said...

I am a willing headband recipient!