Discipline of Remembrance.

Lately I have been hearing and thinking a lot about the discipline of remembrance. Basically, the act of remembering when and that God has done good things. I feel like in this fast world that we live in that remembering goes against our rhythm and everything the world tells us of how to live life, because it requires slowing down and looking back. My nature is to move fast, be proactive, and look forward. This past weekend I met my first nephew, baby Joel. As I held him, watched him sleep, laid him in the fall leaves and took pictures of him, I kept thinking about how badly I want him to develop the discipline of remembrance, to go through hard things and still know deep in his soul that God is good. I mean, I really don't want baby Joel to go through any hard seasons of life, but I know that is not a part of God's promises. Because, God promises we will suffer, but also that He is good. I love that about God and I hope baby Joel does one day too. 

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