Do you Etsy?

Do you Etsy? Yes, it can be a verb. I love the idea of buying handmade items. First, it is encouraging to the craftsman and gives them a way to make a living. Second, handmade items tend to be so unique and one of a kind. Third, I love the story that usually accompanies something handmade. The Etsy headquarters (pictured above) are decorated and furnished totally with handmade items. Working there seems like it would be a place where each day I would leave inspired to hand make everything for my home. And, since I really want to be an Interior Designer who is also a crafts(wo)man (and works in the Art Department of film and television, duh) I am simply in awe of what people can make with their design eye and own two hands. Happy making!

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abby | ybba said...

is that etsy headquarters?! it's so awesome :]

i wish i could etsy. i have an idea for my handmade stuff already! do YOU etsy?