I don't get sick. Since high school I can only think of two times that I have been really sick. One was visiting a boy in Birmingham while I was living in Knoxville and the other was Lindsay's wedding just a little over a year ago in Tulsa. Well, now there is a 3rd time I have been sick. I have the flu. And, because I don't really get sick often, I do not handle it well. This week I have gone about life as usual taking 4 Ibuprofen every few hours so that my body doesn't ache (you know, the kind of ache where your clothes hurt your skin) and head doesn't hurt. But, after some convincing I decided to call in sick to my internship and spend the day at home getting better. I thoroughly believe that if we don't slow down God will force our bodies to take a break from our fast paced rhythm of life. It is such a good reminder for me that life and work happens without me and are not dependent on me and that God is in control. I just wish it didn't come with such unpleasant side effects.

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April said...

:( I hate the flu. (Doesn't everybody, though?) I hope you feel lots better really really soon!