Found: Boy at The Getty wearing Wallabees.

So, when I was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago I went to The Getty Museum right when I got off the plane. I oohed and aahed over the antique furniture (and was so proud of myself for knowing the whys  and fancy vocabulary for elements of the chairs, dressers, and beds), soaked in the vitamin D of the California sun, took a nap in the cool grass, took photographs of the views of the ocean, hills, and tall buildings, and as I was walking down the steps to leave became a coward. See, as I was walking down the steps on the far side of The Getty I passed a young man that may or may not have been the man for me forever. He was wearing Wallabees (My favorite shoes for guys to wear because they are very southern. Not many guys in Dallas even wear them because, as I have said and will say again, Dallas is not really the south.), khaki shorts, and a polo, carrying a fancy camera, taking pictures at The Getty, the same.day.as.me. I almost said, "I really like your shoes", but lost my bravery. Why, Erin, why??? So, if you or a guy you know was in L.A. at The Getty, taking pictures, wearing my favorite shoes, let them know, I am here. Ready and waiting. And, as I took one last picture of the beautiful form of the curves of the building I happened to get "The Boy from The Getty Wearing Wallabees" in my picture. 
If you are reading this, I hope you know I am kidding. Not about liking the boy's shoes, but ya know, the whole being a creeper parts (a.k.a Man for me forever and picture parts.)

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abby | ybba said...

i've lived in CALI almost half of my life and i've never been to the getty ! i've heard about how pretty it is over there but ive never been there :{

anyway, awwww i hope that guy reads this post and knows that you're talking about him so you guys can meet up and talk about awesome things like wallabees! lol jk ... nothing's impossible! hehhehee