Kristen Plus Dax Equals Love.

My new favorite celebrity couple is none other than Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Kristen was Veronica Mars (the coolest, smartest, and bravest teenage detective ever) and Dax is the fabulous Crosby Braverman (playing the stepping it up, wonderful father to Jabar on Parenthood. Oh, and it is definitely on my list of Top 3 shows I would want to set decorate on, second only to How I Met Your Mother). Honestly, I don't really know what KBell and Dax are like in real life, but I do love their television characters, they look to laugh a lot, and are just so darn cute together.
If you have not checked out their shows, I would highly recommend renting the VM dvds, and TiVoing Parenthood, Tuesdays 10/9 Central on NBC.
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