noun dī-ˈkä-tə-mē also də-\
a division into two especially mutually exclusive or contradictory groups or entities. 

Things I am excited about moving to Los Angeles:
-Living in a big and new city and exploring the city.
-The opportunities for missional living. 
-The beach.
-Southern California weather. 
-Design opportunities. 
-Living in the same city as my cousin. 
-Living outside the Bible belt. 
-Mountains and hiking. 
-Being 31 and pretty mature. 
-(Hopefully) seeing movie stars. 
-Meeting people from very different walks of life than me. 
-New roommates and people to live life with.
-The possibility of continuing to help with RUF. 
-The casual style of Southern California.  
-Spending good quality time in my car. 
-Living in a great vacation spot, so people will come visit me. 
-Knowing if I can trust the Lord by trusting the Lord. 

Things I am nervous about moving to Los Angeles:
-Living in a big and new city. 
-The opportunities for missional living and being too intimidated by people to actually live it out.  
-The beach and missing the Carolina beaches so much it hurts. 
-Southern California weather and not having seasons. 
-Design opportunities but, what if I fail? 
-Living in the same city as my cousin but living far away from my immediate family who all live in the eastern time zone. 
-Living outside the Bible belt because it is the only culture I have ever known as a Christian. (That is 13 years!)
-Mountains and hiking that isn't the Smoky Mountains and idealizing my life that was there.
-Being 31 and pretty mature, but still in a new city, and the loneliness that comes with living in a new place. 
-(Hopefully) seeing movie stars and getting caught up in the entertainment industry. 
-Meeting people from very different walks of life than me, them not liking me, and not finding heart friends.
-New roommates and people to live life with, but what if I can't find a roommate?
-The possibility of continuing to help with RUF and relationships not forming or constant comparison to my girls from SMU, Auburn, and UT. 
-The casual style of Southern California and losing my preppy style due to my desire to fit in. And, with that, buying into the idol of beauty. 
-Spending good quality time in my car, being really late places, and constantly being in a bad mood because of the traffic.  
-Living in a great vacation spot, so people will come visit me, and no one ever comes or I see that relationships are not what I thought they were. 
-Knowing I can trust the Lord by trusting the Lord. 


abby | ybba said...

Nicely put for the word dichotomy. I was thinking if you were going to give examples of what the word meant!

Anyway, I'm so jealous! I used to live in LA, but I moved to vegas for so many reasons. I miss LA so much! You'll find so many things that will definitely surprise you there. Good ones!

Alex said...

Godspeed on the next part of your journey! I know He'll show you some incredible things.

Unrelated: I was browsing at Ruffled and this bride's tights were amazing! So wintry & beautiful. I know you share an appreciation for unique tights so here they are:


Alex said...

Wow! I know God will show you incredible things on this next part of your journey.

Unrelated: found a photo over at Ruffled with these beautiful tights on a winter bride. Fell in love with the tights, and then thought of you!


Mary Stafford said...

well said, well said.
being new in a big city - i will say you hit the nail on the head - or is it two heads since it is a dichotomy?
excited for what la will bring to the blog.
do you have housing yet?

Mary Stafford said...

bah, i wrote you twice, please delete one.

Erin said...

Mary, no place to live yet. Do you know anyone out there? I really want a roommate so on those long lonely days I at least have a roommate to go home to. Your comments are so encouraging. It is nice to hear someone else in kind of the same phase in life and "gets" it.

Natalie said...

Erin, so happy for you! Can I please give you back your sewing machine before you leave? I don't have your number anymore. Email me when a good time would be! Xo

Holly said...

Erin, I especially love the last line. So true that the only way to learn to trust is by trusting (and finding that God loves for us to trust Him and gives us better things than we could ever get for ourselves).

Love you!