Emily Henderson, Please Be My BFF. Or My Boss.

This may come as a surprise to anyone who knows me, but, I have never watched Design Star. I know, I know, shocking! Well, this past week the blogs were all the Twitter (Did anyone get that Glee reference? I really hope so.) about the past Design Star winner, Emily Henderson's new HGTV television show Secrets From a Stylist, which premiered Saturday night.
Let's backtrack to about a year ago. When I started Interior Design school exactly 10 months ago I thought I wanted to be an interiors stylist or be a part of a retail visual team. That is because I didn't even know Set Decorating existed. Styling is definitely what I would like to do while trying to make it as a Set Decorator and on the side while hopefully being an actual Set Decorator. 
Well, Emily is a stylist, hence the name of her show, and I want to be her bestie and her employee. I love her design eye, she seems to have an excellent work ethic, and I would just love to learn from her. Plus, we have the same clothing style. In her first episode she wore a sweater I own (hers was in navy), boat shoes (not sure if they were actual Sperry's, but looked just like them), and a couple shirt dresses...hello, that is me. The girl obviously loves Anthro, and I work there!  Emily's About Me on her website says, "I believe strongly there is always a time and place for fresh flowers, and nothing is more important than simply being nice to every person, every day." To top it all off, she lives in Los Angeles, my future home come this summer. Meant to be? I think so!
You can watch this past Saturday's episode where Emily styled Glee writer, Ian Brennan's Hollywood Hills bungalow. Here are Ian and Emily (in my sweater) in Ian's fabulous new living room...
And, here are a few pics of the final product for ya...
Again, the Living Room
Guest Room Niche
Television Room

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Amy Kerstetter said...

I love her!!!!!!!!!

chelsea said...

that guest room niche is the sweetest thing i've ever seen!