Where The Heart Is.

I found this post in the archives of the blog Garance Dore. It tells the story of a man whose wife sewed a heart on the inside of the pocket of his chambray shirt so that her heart was always close to his. Ohhh, melt my little heart. I am very much a romantic. Not a cheesy romantic who likes flowers and chocolates and cliches. But, a life romantic. I believe in love and telling people you love them, places like Italy that bring out a sense of romance, handwritten letters and homemade cards, poetry, and bike riding. Do you see the difference? I am definitely going to sew a little heart on the inside of at least one shirt pocket of my one day future husband.
Also, Blair Waldorf sewed a little heart charm onto the sleeve of Nate's sweater, so that he always had her heart on his sleeve. I find that equally as romantic and something I want to do one day. I couldn't find a clip of the scene, but isn't Nate too cute in his cashmere green sweater? (And, it's even cuter knowing there is a little gold heart charm sewed in the sleeve.)


chelsea said...

this is precious. love.

Rachel said...

what an adorable story! Love it.