Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

I want to be friends with Mindy Kaling. She is super smart, a hilarious writer, friends with John Krasinski, my same age, and lives in the same town as me. Meant to be besties? I think so. She wrote a new book, so maybe it will feel like we are friends after I read it. 
But, I kind of feel like Mindy and I already are friends after reading this quote by her today on her website
"I am so terrified, you guys. Not because I don't think the book is great-- which it really is, I swear-- but because it is the first thing I've ever done creatively that is 100% me. There hasn't been a more complete representation of who I am then this book. So win or lose, it'll all be on me." 
I feel so much the same way about simply being who God made me to be. It's not that I don't think who God made me to be isn't great. It's just that when I am only that, it leaves me open to being simply being me, comfortable in my own skin, secure knowing Jesus died for me, without the bells and whistles I usually try to be as well to make sure people like me. So, Mindy, one day I hope we meet here in L.A. And, if we do, I hope we get to talk about this quote. And, being 32. And, John Krasinski. 


Caroline said...

can i join in even though i'm not 32? i relate to all the other stuff! especially john. and any excuse to come hang out with you in LA.

Erin said...

caroline, yes you are invited :) and, any excuse for you to come to l.a. works for me! miss you so much, friend!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

Favorite Office Quote "I'm going to look aaaaamaaaaazzziiing" regarding almost dying while on a syrup and cayenne pepper diet:)