Don Miller, My Thoughts Exactly.

 Part of my new job is to mingle and talk to people I don't know after church. It's kind of like going to the cafeteria as a Young Life leader, but with adults who can't throw their lunch at you and don't ever ask if you have friends your own age. 
Sometimes mingling has made me in the past and still makes me nervous because I feel insecure about being awkward (hasn't that become seen as the worst thing you can be in our young adult culture), not very interesting, and what I look like. Most of the time though, it is who I am to be friendly, to want to know people, and it just feels I am being who God made me to be to hospitable. 
In any case, I think I am going to print this letter off, put it in my pocket, and take it with me each Sunday as a reminder that we are given by God to the people around us. 

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