There is a stack of books sitting next to my bed that I have purchased with Amazon gift cards since Christmas, with the exception of Desiring the Kingdom, which my brother gave me for my birthday in October.
I keep reading about a chapter in each book, but then get so excited about the newest one sitting on my doorstep (or get distracted by Grey's Anatomy on Netflix, embarrassing, I know) that I move on, no matter how interested in the story or subject I may be. The only book I have finished is Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me? and it isn't pictured because it is out on loan to a friend. It was hilarious, and I would highly recommend it.
I have read two of the books sitting next to my bed before, The Inner Voice of Love (my favorite book of all time) and Abba's Child, but have lost my original copies somewhere along the way.
Last week I met with a pastor from my church to talk through some things and he said I should be best friends with Henri Nouwen and Brennan Manning in this season of life. How perfect that these two reads came in the mail just the day before. 

*Sidenote. Yes, it is true I have never read The Great Gatsby. The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System, 
Forsyth Country Day School, and University of Tennessee have all officially let me down. 

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