Sitting on the Front Porch Drinking Ice Cold Cherry Coke.

Spring = porch sitting, so I have had exteriors like this on the brain lately...

Source: flickr.com via Erin on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Angela on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Erin on Pinterest

Since moving to Los Angeles my dream of home ownership has definitely shifted. Growing up the dream was to live in a nice traditional home in the nicest part of town with big trees and sidewalks. Then, as I got older, realized the type of job one must have to own that type of home my dream changed to simply owning a home that isn't a shack in a decent neighborhood and became willing to forgo the sidewalk requirement. And, now living in L.A. my dream has become to one day own one side of a duplex. Yes, folks, a duplex, that is the dream. People laugh when I tell them that but, I say it with 100% seriousness. If you have ever lived in Southern California (or NYC, or Portland, or San Francisco, etc.) you would totally understand.


Loris Glassworks said...

Hi Erin,
I live in Atlanta where covered porches and sidewalks are plentiful and very affordable. As a matter of fact the last photo you displayed with the porch swing looks very similar to our front porch. Come on down to the south, we'll get you setup on a porch with a frosty glass of lemonade quicker than you can say "grits" (Girls Raised in the South). You're always welcome in my neck of the woods!

Ellen said...

Let's buy a duplex together! (One day)

Robots in Trouble said...

woah woah... a duplex!? that is one heck of a dream you got there. haha... but i love LA because it has so many different houses.

anyway, i would love a porch like the ones you posted!

have a great weekend !

Cousin Joan said...

We will see what kind of a home the Lord will give you, whatever it is it will be a mansion because it will be a gift from God. He has wonderful things for his children, sometimes I am amazed with such grace.If it is in his will it will be the best. You will see, I have seen . Cousin Joan