right now i am procrastinating. procrastinating what? writing a paper. what, erin, you arent in college any longer. nope. area director school. who knew for young life you would have to write papers? well i have written my fair share since being on young life staff. i enjoy writing papers. it may be my giftedness actually, writing in general that is. i am quick and it sounds pretty excellent usually. one time i wrote a 22 page paper the morning it was due, and ate breakfast with a young life girl, and received a 100% a+ on it. pretty rad huh? i have written half of my paper thus far, which is supposed to be 10-12 total. it didnt even take me an hour to write the 5 pages i have done so far. ok, so now i am rambling to procrastinate.
i made an imix today, again to procrastinate. i had never published one before. not really sure what it means to publish it. no one will probably ever even see it, but it was kinda fun. it is called "hot fun in the summertime". looking back that name could come across as kind of sketch and a little lame. oh well, i like it. it has everything on it from tegan and sara to nickel creek to the format to jackopierce to pat mcgee to ryan adams. it is pretty sweet if i do say so myself. so, if you read this and like music and have itunes, check it out!
i started a new book a couple days ago, "sex god" by rob bell. it sounds sketch, but it isnt. the book is about relationships and how they relate to our relationship with God. it is pretty awesome so far. the part i read today was talking about how physical stuff in relationships is really about connectedness. that is what we want to achieve in our sexuality...everything from dating to holding hands to sex. connectedness. makes sense. the book has made me think a lot, cry once, and pushed me to face some things in my heart that have been deeply buried for many years. if you get a chance i would recommend checking it out for sure.
well, thats all i got for now. probably should write...or go for a walk.

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