lost. have you seen it? and when i say that i mean the television show "lost". i had never really seen it before the past two nights. it is the creepiest show. who comes up with all the crazy stuff the people on the island have to do and situations the survivors are put in? after two nights of watching much of the 2nd season i must say, i dont know if i could be a regular viewer. each action and every little detail has to be retained because they seem to make a major impact on what is going on in the lives of the people on the island and that just made me tired. but, then there is a huge part of me that wants to go rent the first season and see all of those details and how everything and everyone is intertwined. i loved the flashbacks to the lives of the people on the island before the plane crashed. there is a part of me that loves knowing the details of their former lives then analyzing why they now do things they do. but, the whole typing numbers on the computer part is just weird and kinda bugs me for some reason.
the reason i was watching lost though, was because my friends mary ellen, claire, and i ate dinner at me's apt the past couple nights. that was fabulous! i feel so alone here in auburn, especially now since most of the students are gone, and eating homemade dinner two nights in a row at a table in an apartment, with the same people just felt like home and extremely refreshing. i dont know if i have eaten dinner with the same people two days in a row since spring break or when i have been visiting friends out of town. my heart is in a different place just because of our rich conversation and also fun conversation. i feel more alive. we were meant to live life amongst others and not just pouring into them in ministry but just with them. much of me has felt that, just living out ministry, not life.
last night we talked a lot about living life as someone following Christ and what that really looks like in the context of community and Church. the Church seems to be making a movement into cities and loving poor people (in spirit and financially), not just the rich white people who can give money to churches and are easy to love. i love it! it is very much my heart. time and time again Jesus loved the poor. I am listening to a sermon from midtown church in nashville and the minister, randy, is talking about the woman at the well. it is such a beautiful picture of who Jesus really is and Him loving people who are poor outcasts. He is esposing a broken woman of what she has done in the past and then telling her how much He loves her. He brings her sin to light then does something with it. her heart is changed after this encounter with Jesus where He is like, hey i know about your past and what you probably want to keep secret, but i want to be with you, know you, and love you anyhow. why is mine still afraid to be exposed.
well, i am gonna go eat a bowl of cereal. did you know target brand cereal is really good.? it is.
enjoy memorial day,

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