i read in ezra this morning. (8:21-23 to be exact) wasnt that intrigued by it from the start. but, it ended up being really great. my friend ashley showed me a great way to diagram and study the text when reading the Bible. it sounds so nerdy but i am kind of a nerd i guess. and, it just helps me to understand and see what God is saying so much better. when i read the Word this way i love Jesus more because i see such a better picture of what is being said in the text. i feel i truly am living out what it means to "have His Word written on my heart".

i got to talk to my brother today. it is so cool that we are both on young life staff by the way. i love it! but, today we were talking and he brought up the ryan long song "face it alone". it is about a girl who defines who she is by boys and what other people see her as. the lyrics say, "who are you inside. do you really know...strange how alone we can feel in the midst of a crowded room". i love those lines. they are so much the heart of me in high school (and even some now) . so badly i want to know my high school friends well. i want to show them there is a better way. i want to love them well. sometimes i wonder if i dont have what it takes to be in the lives of high school kids, like i just am not cool enough and cant relate to them well. but, i love this age where they have so many pressures and their hearts are filled with so much crap. here i go again, just talking about junk and sad stuff.

if you know me and you read this, pray for a group of friends for me here in dallas. i just dont feel connected to a group of people here and i desire it in a great way right now.

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Emily said...

MCCABE - I am sending up prayers for you! love-emily