i got my haircut tuesday. and i must say, i love it. it is easy and many people have said it suits my personality. the haircut is very short and some have used the word "sassy" so i guess two words to describe me are short and sassy. i can live with that.
right now is a very great half hour, both the hills and the office are on tv. my two favorite shows. my least favorite person on television and my favorite are on right now. favorite=jim halpert. least favorite=spencer pratt.
today i was driving to the office and realized that i live in a city. i mean i know i live in a city, hello, i live in dallas. living life in knoxville and auburn just included parks, walking trails, getting away from the busyness and feeling away from my normal life. here i dont so much get that. tehre are buildings everywhere. there are lots of trees and i live in a very nice section of town with lots of green, but most of the green is leaves on trees on the side of big parking lots and playing fields for softball and frisbee and such games. i like going to parks and finding places in nature to feel away from daily routine and busyness. probably should be able to find that here in my house in times of quiet, it is just a lot harder. all i ever do on here is talk about places i am struggling or where i want things to change.
things really arent that sad in my life. i am loving getting to know people here in dallas. i really love the people i work with and have gotten to know a few people outside of young life too. it is so great having friends my own age. last night danielle and i had people over to watch some of season 3 from the office. it was so fun! i loved it. both the office and having the people over! danielle and i have different groups of friends and i love that we get to know each others friends...then maybe we can all be friends. hahahah, that sounded so cheesey.
ok, well i am gonna go finish watching my shows then hit the sack early.

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