tomorrow is the young life banquet. forever plaid. yep, that is our theme. i love it. if only i could have found a plaid dress to wear. that would have been cute. and, i am blogging, that is just a little glimpse at my laid back attitude this year. everything is going to get done. it just is. trent and i are pretty on top of things. it helps that there are two of getting stuff done, and not just me, like it was last year. gosh, a year ago around banquet time i wasnt sleeping (or sleeping waaay too much), wasnt eating (i lost about 10 pounds), crying every single day, missing my family terribly, wanting to be anywhere but in dallas, having feelings of failure, deep sadness, regret, shame, and a general feeling of being extremely overwhelmed. what a difference a year makes. this year, i have not cried once, i slept later today than i have in weeks, am eating normal (that is pretty obvious haha), able to be around people and be myself, and i miss my family but feel roots here and dallas and have a sense of home here. thank you God. thank you for being faithful to me, even though i felt hopeless and abandoned by you. but, because of that banquet time last year i see this year more of Gods love for me and sense His presence more in times that are going the way i would like them and in times that are anything but the way i feel as if they should be. "great is thy faithfulness. morning by morning new mercies i see. all that i needed thy hand hath provided. great is your faithfulness, Lord unto me!" i love the exclamation point at the end. that song has been in my head for the past couple days, and i cannot seem to get it out. i am thankful for that. i pray you experience His faithfulness in your life today.

great is His faithfulness,

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