what a fun day yesterday was. first the 5k, then i went to see high school musical with some of my wyldlife girls. what a cute movie. gabrielle and troy are adorable too. hate to admit it, but its true. the middle school girls God has put in my life are adorable. they are so fun, honest, in the midst of figuring out who they are, stylish, hillarious, and it is one of the greatest joys in my life to spend time with them.

i lost my phone at the movies. oops. i guess today will be spent at the at&t store figuring all that jazz out. maybe i will get a dallas number. hmmm.

last night was fun as well. danilynn, jennie, and i went over to a friends house to play the game cornhole. (bad name, i know) the game cornhole is so fun. it reminds me of a tailgating game, which is one of my favorite past times. living in a college town for almost the past ten years (until dallas, no smu does not count) i gained a great affinity for gameday saturdays, fight songs, sec football rivalry, chips and dip, hotdogs, and cake. have you ever been to the grove in oxford? i havent, but would love to see tailgating there. it is awesome i hear. here are some pics i found that make me lust to be an ole miss rebel fan on gamedays.

and here are some pictures of the two college gamedays that are dearest to my heart. go vols and war eagle!

well, i gotta go get ready for church. i will leave you with something of substance. this fall i have been reading "the God who comes" by carlo carretto. i would highly recommend it. "to pass with faith through the wall of the Invisible into His presence will be the greatest victory of my life and my dearest reply to His Fatherly heart." dearest reply to His Fatherly heart. what a beautiful picture. enjoy the sabbath.


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