after watching this video i thought about what i asked for, for christmas and what i intend on giving people for christmas. were my gifts going to push people towards Jesus? is what i am asking for going to push me towards Jesus or towards the goals of looking good, having fun stuff, and making myself have more than my neighbor. after typing that it sounds really judgmental towards people who are asking for clothes and electronics and jewelry etc. but, that is not my heart in it. my heart is that those things as much as i hate to admit it can draw my attention away from Jesus and on myself and comparing myself to the people around me. so what if i gave of myself relationally and only asked the same of other people? would they be drawn more to Christ through the experience? would i? i would hope so. so, this is all just me thinking out loud. well, not out loud, but on paper. well, not on paper, but on the internet.

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