I am sitting at the Chicago ohare airport and I love airports. The people watching is fantastic, it is an excuse to eat junk food and buy a magazine, and most of the time being in an airport equals going somewhere fun. Also in airpirts i can't help but think of the movie love actually, which is probably my second favorite movie. Since it is just before Christmas I feel a little bit like I am in the movie. No hugh grant is not here or the ruler of our country...too bad. I wonder everyones stories. Do they think live actually exists or are the lonely, beat down by the economy, searching for life in wealth or good looks? Are they getting on a plane to see families they haven't seen in years or to propose to their girlfriend or to be with their best friends that have become their family or are they going to see a house full of people yet feel alone and that love does not exist? This is why I love airports.And thank you Jesus that love does exist.

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Melissa said...

I remember watching that movie with you when I came and visited you in Auburn :-)