to all you faithful readers out there, it has been awhile. i am back in texas so back to blogging it is. as i rode on the airplane from the old north state (nc that is) i was thinking about my resolutions. but i dont want to call them resolutions lets call them ways to improve my rhythm of life:
(in no particular order)
-take a sewing class. for christmas i received a sewing machine and would love to put it to use making baby and wedding gifts for my friends. and of course, i would like to make some fun things for casita bonita. projects and being creative make me feel as if i am living life more as who God made me to be.
-journal...every.single.day. it is oh so good for my soul.
-play more tennis, so i get good at it. that way i wont cuss when i do play.
-tell people how much i love them and where i see the Lord in them, even if i am afraid they dont love me in return.
-work on not being the queen of the land passive aggressive.
-learn to play a few tunes on the guitar. in other words, take guitar lessons and practice more.

so that is my "ways to improve my rhythm of life" list. i feel as though it will be updated frequently in my mind as the Lord shows me my passions and those unevangelized parts of my heart that need Him.

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