today is my roommates birthday. so in celebration of her here are the top 10 reasons i love alisa: (drumroll please)
10. she has a great wardrobe and even lets her roommates (1 of whom being me) borrow items!
9. she loves the disney channel and constantly has it playing in her room...suite life of zach and cody, hannah montana, witches of waverly place, etc.
8. she loves bubbas chicken and she loves chuys and will split fajitas there any day of the week.
7. she introduced me to the deliciousness of refried beans at chuys :)
6. she has a kicking air guitar dance move.
5. she cares about kids in high school, jr high, and elementary school and wants them to know Jesus.
4. she puts up with me as her roomie and even listens when i come lay on her bed and ramble about my day.
3. she is a-mazing at nertz.
2. she loves gossip girl and veronica mars and unashamedly will watch either with you whenever you want.
1. alisa+chase=lo-lo-lo-l-o-v-e! and she lo-lo-lo-l-o-v-es Jesus in a very real way.

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