i have many celebrity crushes...for so many different reasons...

jim halpert...i mean john krasinski.
he makes me laugh with his dry sense of humor. and makes me want to marry him because of what a great friend he is to his fiance (but not in real life) pam.

chace crawford.
i think i have been quoted as saying, "he is so beautiful it is dangerous" haha. i love his preppy style. (oh wait, is that his style or nate archibalds.)

mark ruffalo.
he seems so kind and gentle and just darling.

rob pattinson.
beautiful. and what a voice (beautiful english accent), both when he speaks and when he is playing the guitar or piano singing.

brandon heath.
he seems to have such a tender heart for Jesus.

(i hope you all know i am being silly with this, i dont really have for real crushes on these boys that i dont even know. but if i did know them, who knows!)

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