so i think i have come up with the most perfect job for me (besides what i do now of course) drumroll please.....
a lyric critic!
now, i dont think such a think exists, but maybe just maybe i could be the first one ever in the history then open this profession up to other people that would benefit from this line of work. what exactly is a lyric critic you ask and why would it be perfect for you, mccabe? well, i will tell you. first, what it is. it is someone who goes to concerts and listens closely to the lyrics, how the words sound, what they mean, how they resonate in the heart, notices how the crowd reacts to the words being sung. the lyric critic also takes notes on the lyrics, writing down ones that stood out and why and the emotions that went along with them. of course, then the lyric critic would need to interview the artist or just hangout and grab a beer with them and discuss where the songs came from and what was behind them. now we are to the part of why this would be the perfect job for me. 1. i love live music. it brings me to life. 2. i love lyrics, more than the sound of the music, i listen to the words. 3. i would love an excuse to write lyrics down as i hear them at concerts and not look like a weirdo.4. i believe i have a good ear for lyrics, depth, humor, grammar, and emotion. yeah, so, those are the only reasons why. so, if you know of any lyric critic job openings let me know and i will get them my resume.

on a more serious note, i have been to three concerts in the past week...guster, mates of state, and drew & ellie holcomb. all of them were awesome. drew and ellie were my fave. you should check them out for sure. there is a link over there to the right. they love Jesus, love each other, have amazing lyrics, a great sound, great voices, and are vols. doesnt get much better than that.

i am off to bed. another migraine coming on. i know Jesus heals, so i am trusting that He is good even when i dont feel His healing touch. goodnight.

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