thoughts running through my head as i lay in bed trying to fall asleep...

the swine flu is pretty silly. well, i shouldnt say that. i should say the way the world is reacting to the swine flu is pretty silly to me. fort worth isd is closing school through may 8. what? i apologize if any of you readers have lost loved ones or suffered from this illness.

i wish i got to spend more time with my wyldlife girls. school, sports, and dance just so gets in the way. i am excited for summer and hanging out, going to the hp pool, eating at burger house for lunch, watching movies at north park, getting yogilicious lots, and doing so many other fun things that i havent even thought of yet!

i really like the names eloise and shep.

jonalyn grace fincher (an author) and i would be best friends i think if we knew each other. its like she knows my heart without even knowing me. maybe one day our paths will cross and we can have bff necklaces.

rob pattinson and i would probably be besties too if we knew each other.

"God is not suggesting that we will not confront fearful realities in our lives. God is simply promising not to abandon us to fearful circumstance but to go with us through the dark night of fear, dancer and uncertainty. the many do not be afraid promises ini scripture do nto suggest that we shun the fearful prospects in which we find ourselves, but God consistenly promises to be with us in the dark and ominous moment." -norman shawchuck
my favorite thing about Jesus is how He enters into pain and darkness with us. i pray that God allows my heart to remember that in the midst of pain and darkness and not just in times of peace in my life.

i want to learn how to play guitar, take beautiful photography, love the poor better, manage my money well, and be an extra in a movie or tv show.

i am really tired and wish so badly my migraine would go away. i have had one every single day this week and am tired of it and wish the Lord had never made migraines something people had to endure, they just get in the way.

it would be very fun to have a vacation home in santa monica, ca. maybe one day, and i could take great pictures like this on my polaroid camera:

i am going to bed and i have a lot more running through my mind than i thought.

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