for the past month at crooked creek ranch i have been a texan. when people ask where i am from i say, "dallas". and i am realizing now that yes, i will always be a southerner but at the same time, i have come to embrace texas culture (in some ways).here are a few things i love about texas...
floating the river.
i love the casualness of it. the friendships and conversations that happen. the gristmill at the end of the day. the crazy people you encounter along the way. the beautiful hill country. it is the best.

the texas sky.
the vastness of texas and that you can see really far. it doesnt really look like this where i live in dallas, but a mere 25 minutes away it does. i need to take more advantage of that this summer as the days are longer and my schedule is a little bit slower pace.

mexican food.
it doesnt get any better than chuys. if you ever want to get chip faced, give me a call.

and i know this will come as a shock to most of you, but i am getting over my preppyness a little bit too and have begun to truly embrace and would prefer vintage t-shirts, cowboy boots, and anthropologie to polos, sperrys, and ralph lauren. same goes for boys too, except if they liked anthropologie it would be weird.

time for our second to last 15 minutes of silence for my time on assignment. pray that kids would encounter their Savior tonight.

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