places in my heart i want the Lord to keep going when i get home from crooked creek...

be who God made me to be in ministry and not what i think everyone wants me to be.

materialism in dallas is rampant and i have fallen victim to it, and dont want any part of it any longer.

comparison truly is the thief of joy. and i want joy in my life.

i am likeable. and boys even like me sometimes, just for being me.

loving Jesus and people well is what i want to be about when i dont know what to do.

journaling is so good for my soul.

i am almost 30 and still get crushes and want to get married one day and i should not be ashamed that it is something i desire one day but dont have.

working hard and giving my life away gives me life. remember that, erin, when you are tired.

well, right now i really am tired, sleepy that is, so i am going to head to bed.
"he gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart." thank you for gathering me in your arms, Jesus, and carrying me close to your heart this assignment.


Paper Hearts said...

erin. you are absolutely my hero. i love your heart and how you live. how am i so lucky to be your friend!?

Alex said...

ccr bestie. i'm so proud to have met you and i love what God is doing with your life! thanks again for being wonderful at camp and having a talk with one of my girls. it means the world to us both.

did you find me a job in dallas yet?? :)