home improvement.

i have been doing lots of home improvement around my casa lately...

i bought this table off craigslist for an amazing price, and had planned on spray painting it yellow, but actually like it just the way it is. yesss!

this door was in the trash pile in front of my next door neighbors house. so with a little chalkboard paint, voila!

and, this window frame was also found in the next door neighbors trash pile. the plates were on big time sale at anthro in austin. and, notice the pink little lampshade? goodwill $1.99.

i bought these pretty flowers and tied some ribbons and twine that i already had around a mason jar for a great spring decoration.

and, last but not least, i planted marigolds for some springtime flavor on my front porch.

i just love being unemployed.


Kate said...

you are so cute and creative. you have to help me!!!!

Alex said...

Oh the surprise blessings of being unemployed.. right there with you!

And your talent is amazing.. can I spend just one day at your house and look around please??

McCabe said...

alex, come visit me in dallas, while you are unemployed! we can decorate and shop and eat and have a fab time being bestiesss!

chelsea said...

so cute. i totally got a similar window out of my neighbor's trash and it is now hanging in my living room too!

Caroline said...

Erin! These are the cutest things EVER. I love how creative and resourceful you are to put together such style!!! Please come visit my dorm room and help me spunk it up. Love you.