jennie garth. kelly taylor. mrs cullen.

i used to want to be jenna fischer (aka pam beasley) if i was any celebrity because she gets to be married to jim halpert on tv. but, now i would love to be jennie garth.

for starters, she is mrs. carlisle in real life. peter facinelli is very good looking and i bet jennie has met all of the cast including rob pats and kstew. maybe the facinelli/garth family even has cookouts for the twilight gang.

secondly, she got to be on one of the greatest tv shows of all time, beverly hills 90210. as kelly taylor though, her life was not all that great. throughout the 10 years her life was chronicled she got involved in a cult, became a drug addict, was burned severely in a fire, had a crazy girl try to ruin her life and try to look exactly like her, break off an engagement to brandon walsh, see her dad go in and out of jail, and find out her fiance (not brandon, of course) was really married to another woman. that is a wild 10 years. and, is it sad i knew all of those events from memory?

but, in any case heres to you jennie garth, aka kelly taylor, aka mrs. carlisle cullen...

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