Breaking Bread.

I found this photo on weheartit.com last week and have been enamored by it for some reason. The composition is really great to me. The view is wonderful. The bar cart is chic. I love that the little baby is in a bassinet with an umbrella. The mod clothing and patio furniture is just fabulous. I would have loved to be the stager on this photo shoot.
And, most of what I love is that it appears the people are sharing a meal and sharing life. There is something so holy about sharing a meal together.  Jesus frequently shared meals with people. One of my favorite places in Scripture is Mark 2:13-17, where Jesus eats dinner with the tax collectors. They were so disliked and not who anyone thought Jesus would share a meal with. I would imagine the meal probably lasted a long time and there was probably story after story,  laughter, and heart conversation. Isn't that just beautiful?
When I think about some of my favorite memories with family and friends it has involved sitting around the table breaking bread...Rock-Ola Cafe with my mom, dad, and brother growing up, the dinner table on Grey Widgeon Rd. on Hilton Head Island with the Rolfes and Pishkos, Chesapeake Bagel in high school with my friends Katie and Elizabeth after swim practice, Smokey's on the UT campus with so many friends in college and an especially funny lunch with Krista and Callie, Mellow Mushroom in Knoxville with the Young Life staff, Big Blue Bagel with All JJ Crack Cakes in Auburn, the Reid's dining room table, and the many Dallas YL office lunch parties to Freebird's, PeiWei, and Chipotle. Times filled with story after story, laughter, and heart conversation.


kristen said...

and burger nights at copper cellar!!

McCabe said...

i thought about that and moe's on cumberland!!!

Melanie McCabe said...

I loved Hilton Head too!

JMac said...

Great post Erin. Love you!