I just found out about this acronym (Total Frat Move) and its website. It could be one of those things that really means something really bad but to me it just means Frat cliches. And, being a sorority alum (lions and diamonds, ADPi forever) and a southerner (TN, NC, & AL y'all) I think this website is hilarious! I mean as much as TFM is generalizations they are so true and a culture that even though I was very TFM counterculture in many ways in college (and still am) it is a way of life that is very familiar to me.
Here are a few of my favorite TFM photos from the website...
Shooting bow and arrow in a blazer in the fall wearing RayBans.
Black lab in the South Carolina lowcountry. 
 Gray New Balances. 
Boots and Boxers mixer. 
Monogram, Vineyard Vines whale, Palm and Crescent, and a mallard. 
TFM. And, I love it.


Pearls, Curls, and A Southern Girl said...

I love this website! Some of the things are way over exaggerated but most still ring true. I'm new to your blog as well!

Anonymous said...

I'm obseeesssedd with TFM. I think my whole life is a TFM. Thrilled to see the post and love the blog! I will definitely be back! Look forward to getting to know you and reading your pots! xo

lesliesloan said...

haha! Those pumpkins are hilarious and I am sure they came from my alma mater. Amazing stuff as always.

Courtney said...

Just found your blog!! My husband and I just moved to Dallas, we love Jesus and I love design!!

Sorority alum--TFM is awesome! Thanks for sharing!