Welcome to Hollywood, what's your dream?

This past weekend I went to Los Angeles for the Set Decorator Society of America's Day With A Set Decorator. You may remember me blogging about it here. It was pretty fabulous, so...
Here is my Top 10 list from my 5 days in L.A.:
10. Flying on a free buddy pass on Southwest thanks to my sweet friend Jenna. Thank you, again, Jenna!
9. Knowing how to get to Target in West Hollywood without using my GPS.
8. Seeing the hills and ocean, plus having a city bus drive by me, all in one day.
7. Hearing about why the Bible is still relevant today at church.
6. Hanging out all morning at The Getty. The weather was gorgeous, the antique furniture was amazing, the architectural tour was wonderful, the fall leaves were enormous and orange yellow, the views were to die for, and the succulents were the most beautiful I have ever seen.
5. Seeing my friends Gretchen and Jennie. They were so warm and welcoming to me while in town and fun to hang with!
4. Celeb sightings at Warner Brothers...Conan and Zachary Levi. (Z.L. might be my newest crush.)
3. Touring the set of Glee! Yes, I got to see everything from Will's house to Emma and Sue's offices, to the choir room, auditorium, cafeteria, and Rachel's room. I also got to see what I think is their bikes. And, I think my bike would fit in just perfectly.
2. Hanging out with my cousin, Ellen, who is the closest thing I have ever had to a sister. We got to see each other twice and I was so encouraged by her creativity and fresh outlook on life.
1. Meeting so many professional Set Decorators who have worked on beautiful movies and television shows including The Holiday, ER, Little Fockers, True Blood, Four Christmases, Anchorman, Almost Famous, Parenthood (the t.v. show), Will and Grace, and more. They were so nice and encouraging, saying that if you are passionate and work hard you can make it in the set decorating business. And, the top highlight was going on an in-depth tour of the Warner Brother's prop house and eating lunch with the set decorator from CBS's  $#*! My Dad Says and being offered an opportunity to intern with her. Amazing dream come true huh? What a reminder that sometimes God's plans are better than my own.


Melanie McCabe said...

Sounds like it was pretty fabulous!

r said...

Erin this is all so great! Sometimes it's hard to see where exactly your dreams fit into God's plan and I'm so glad that you are getting little tastes of that! What an encouragement.

r said...

Erin this is so cool! What an encouragement to see how your dreams are fitting into God's plan. I know I have trouble remembering that a lot, so I'm glad you were able to get a little taste of it in California!- Raychel

Stephanie Sabbe said...

so I just read that you are in design school! so exciting! is this your first semester?