Winter Break Home Improvement. Check!

You may remember that before my school break I blogged about all of the around the house projects I wanted to complete during my time off. Well, today at 8 a.m. I started back to school and just this afternoon finally checked off all the projects I decided to tackle over the past three weeks. Here is the fruit of my labor...

I learned to needlepoint! My mom was so sweet and patient to teach me and even gave me the canvas, needles, yarn, and idea of designing my own print. So, of course I chose chevron print and landed on coral and steel gray alternating stripes with gray velvet backing (I am making a pillow). It is taking me quite awhile to finish, but I enjoy having a hobby and can't wait to see it perched on my bed (hopefully) soon.
I made an ikat painting! It was probably the easiest project I have ever done. The frame I had was pretty large so I decided to use simple white and black paint on kraft paper and think I really like the finished product. 
Probably the second easiest project I have ever attempted was recreating the CB2 rug onto a small canvas. I must say, I love the way it turned out. 
The most time consuming and intensive project was the wall collage I created for my t.v. room. First, I went to St.Vincent and got 6 frames for $12. Then I headed over to City Craft for some fabric to fill some of the frames. Then it was home to nail, measure, rearrange, wait a few days, reevaluate, and finally finish. I am so pleased with the way it turned out and just wish I hadn't waited so long to get my creative juices going on this corner of my house. 
As an afterthought I really wanted to recreate this deer head to put in one of the empty frames, but could not find papier-mache deer anywhere. But today I did find this hook at Urban Outfitters for only $6! It is perfect because the front door to my house is warped due to foundation issues/cold weather, so I am forced to enter by the door directly into my room from the outside. And, since the key holder is by the front door I now find myself frequently scrambling for my keys and rushing out the door. 
And, I finished all of my projects and went to class today wearing this:
Too bad I will be sitting in my Presentation Techniques class tonight and won't be able to watch Auburn crush the Ducks from start to finish. War Cam Eagle! 

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Amy Kerstetter said...

I want to see your house! Did you make those pillows on your couch? I love the one with the flags banner.