Somedays I forget that I live in L.A. My life is so similar to my life in Dallas, work at Anthro, go to school, do homework, try to hangout with people, go to the grocery store, attempt to workout, ya know the usual. I didn't really expect that. I thought that it would feel different living in a different city. Not feel better or worse, just different.
I also thought the people would be mean (since California isn't the south), but they have been as friendly and kind as Texans. I think the southern accent helps. 
I didn't think the sky in California could be the most beautiful shade of Carolina blue. 
I thought I would be the only preppy person in town, but there are lots of preppies around. (None with Croakies though, of course. I am still proudly wearing mine.)
I didn't think about how noisy living in a big city would be. There always seems to be a car alarm going off, dog barking (or two), honking because of traffic, police car or fire truck siren, or fireworks going off at all hours of the day. I already don't really notice them, because it is all the time. 
I did not know how much humidity affected my hair until I wasn't ever around it. 
I didn't know I could go to a party where I have to mingle a lot and not be awkward.
I thought finding good Mexican food would be more painless than it has been. Any suggestions, anyone? 
I didn't realize how comfortable I really am in my own skin now. Thank you, Jesus for working on this area of my heart for the past few years. 
I thought I would be more excited if I ran into celebrities in L.A., but I really don't care and don't even recognize them. 
I didn't foresee transferring to my new Anthro to be as easy as it has been. 
And, I didn't think that transferring schools wouldn't be as hard as it has been. Everyone already knows each other here and has their little groups. They know what instructors' personalities are like and what to do to make a good grade. The vocabulary is different (ex: I had never heard of a reflected ceiling plan, but it is what I know to be an electrical plan). All of the other students know that to stay in the computer lab after 11 you have to check out an overnight pass, where the library is, and where to print things. Most people have been friendly and kind enough to help me. Some haven't. I just didn't expect this part of life to be so difficult in Los Angeles. School was so comfortable in Dallas and now it is probably the most uncomfortable part of my life. I even dropped a class because of how overwhelming it all is in the midst of also moving across the country, starting a new job, trying to make friends, getting involved in a church, transitioning into an internship, learning my way around this huge city, and of course surviving Carmageddon
And, more than anything I have seen how much I need Jesus, love Jesus, have Jesus, and He takes care of me since moving out west into my new life in L.A. I am really loving it. 
p.s. I will return to normal blog posting about things other than my move soon :) 

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April said...

Erin, I am so, so, so proud of you and all of your new endeavors! It sounds like you are acclimating quite well! We here in Dallas are very jealous of the weather you get to experience daily, it all just sounds so amazing! ... Except for the school part! ;) Let me know if you ever need help! I could slip you a note with all of the terms I know from being in the industry for 10+ years, just let me know! If you ever need a project critiqued or have questions, give me a buzz! In the meantime, I will continue to pray for your comfort and relationships and I will absolutely continue reading your blogs, they are WONDERFUL!!! Way to go!! -April